Meet Victoria

Your Kind of Piano Teacher

My name is Victoria Kalashnikov. I have been teaching piano and theory for over 35 years to students of all ages and levels. In 2022 I was recognized Top Piano Teacher by Steinway and Sons as voted by Piano Centre Edmonton.

My teaching method

A Proven Focus

Teaching Method

My method is based on introducing the magical world of music by engaging my students in activities that develop their creativity, critical and abstract thinking, and discipline. Students are encouraged to discover ways to analyze and express their own feelings through playing. My goal is to instill a lifelong love and respect for music. Specifically, my classes involve:



Implementing an individual approach to each student’s unique abilities.



Developing strong professional skills such as technique, sight reading, and ear training.



Introducing the basic rudiments of musical theory and history.



Fostering an environment for self motivation and self discipline.



Building up students’ confidence, intellectual curiosity, emotional intelligence, focus.

Options for everyone

Two Lesson Options

I live in Edmonton West end, Alberta Canada. I love teaching piano to local students, but know that finding a good piano teacher where you live isn’t always possible. For several years now, I’ve taught students online — Watsup, Viber, Skype, or whatever works best for you.


I teach local students in my piano studio and am available for lessons Monday–Saturday from 8AM to 8PM.


I’m happy to teach students online (ages 10+) and am available Monday–Saturday from 8AM to 8PM EST.

Let’s Connect!

Interested in learning? Let’s connect! Send me your email, and I’ll reach out.